Jin Trader is a trading education place with a clear curriculum, we teach from the basics to the advanced level.  Some of the techniques or classes that we taught at Jin Trader are :

Basic Class

  • Teknik 2 Sumbu Dasar / 2 Wicks Basic Technique
  • Teknik 2 Sumbu Simple / 2 Wicks Simple Technique

Advanced class

  • 3 Sumbu / 3 Wicks Technique
  • Candle Slip / Slip Candle
  • Candle Kejut / Shock Candle

 Psikology Class

  • Cara Parlay / How To Parlay
  • Cara All In / How To All In
  • Pengaturan Emosi / Emotional Control
  • Money Manajemen Yang Benar / The Right Money Management

 Ifrit Class

  • 2 Sumbu Pro /2 Wicks Pro Technique
  • 15 Detik / 15 Seconds Technique

Avatar Class

  • JMM (Jin Males Mikir) / JMM Technique

From the results of research and also teaching experience, only a few people who can graduate to the final class, the most average student are failed because unstable psychology.

With this experience, Jin Trader made a breakthrough by making MT4 indicators, where traders only need to follow the signal, the indicator has been completed with market readings, open positions, hedging or compensation.

Hopefully with this breakthrough there will be no more traders who carelessly open positions.

Our mission is to make traders earn a consistent income with realistic profit targets.

There are many things that cause why traders sometimes loss too often, here is some of them :

  • • Too long in front of the market
  •  • The wrong time to open a position
  •  • Revenge
  •  • Greedy
  •  • Trading without stop loss
  •  • Bad money management
  •  • Unstable emotions

With a JMM indicator or a telegram JMM signal you can minimize psychological problems,it just determine the open position at the shoot or valley by looking at the SnR, SnD or candle pattern that is formed.

For those of you who want to earn money from trading and don’t want to think, JMM is the right solution.